More Than a Game: A Major Multimedia Project

Throughout the project More Than a Game will provide an insight and understanding of the process behind the Beautiful Science. The opening edition of this section will look at what makes up this Major Multimedia Project.

Following two years of learning, studying and experience building, the Major Multimedia Project (MMP) offers the final practical task on the BA Multimedia Journalism course at Bournemouth University.

Over a three month time period the MMP tests students skills across all platforms and the core skills of journalism with the result of a balanced, ambitious and well-researched piece of journalism built on a unique and topical news angle of your choice.

The Beautiful Science will largely take the form of a written article, stylised for newspaper publication. Alongside this the project will encompass short TV and radio packages, as well as an online revision of the print article and online added value elements to reflect the modern multimedia nature of both the professional field and the course of study.

After initially formulating a subject for the project, a pitch will be delivered to university staff. This makes up part of the final grade for the MMP and provides invaluable feedback to help grow and develop the project.

Once the pitch is completed the process of formulating interviews and developing the various strands of the project will begin in ernest.

As the final deadline approaches the project will include an evaluative piece of writing to critically self-analyse and reflect on how the project played out and what could be improved if completed again.

The MMP is both an exciting and challenging prospect in equal measure, although I am thoroughly looking forward to delving right into the Beautiful Science and delivering a ranging study into the future of sports science in football.


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