More Than a Game: The Pitch

Throughout the project More Than a Game will provide an insight and understanding of the process behind the Beautiful Science. The second instalment will look at the pitch.

Before carrying out any of the practical strands of the project, the concept had to be shared and explained with two members of university staff. This took the form of a three minute assessed pitch.

During the pitch a brief context, target market, interview targets and details of other elements for the project had to be delivered.

The taskĀ of keeping the pitch concise and informative was a challenge and required a thorough amount of research, practice and refinement.

Following the delivery of the pitch, the university staff had the opportunity to ask any questions about the project for clarification or further discussion, before giving feedback on the project.

Overall the feedback given was extremely positive, with the lecturers highlighting the ambition, vision and research that had gone into both the pitch itself and the project at this early stage.

They advised to ensure that there is a coherence across the various platforms and that the emotional views of the fans is explored in detail.

On reflection, I was very pleased with the pitch that I delivered and aim to take on board the advice that has been provided to strengthen the overall finished project that I deliver across the various strands.



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