More Than a Game: Online content

This post looks at the three strands of online content that have been produced for the project.


A virtual method: The cognitive approach

Whilst virtual reality technology is on the eve of stepping into the Premier League club’s training, the Beautiful Science spoke to the people behind Ekkono Virtual Training, a computerised program that looks to help players learn to play the beautiful game rather than train. We spoke to one of the founders of the programme,¬†Andreu Bartoli….

GPS: Tracking the way to victory

In recent years clubs have been permitted to use GPS software in matches on top of the data they already gained from training. This seemed an obvious but extremely prolonged step in the direction of more technology in football. Catapult are one of the handful of GPS providers used by football clubs and Boden Westover…

VR in football: STRiVR Sports Lab

In our continuing investigation into the use of virtual reality in football as a training tool and performance aid we speak to arguably the leader in VR sports training, STRiVR Sports Lab and the head of their specific department focusing on soccer Danny Belch. It comes as no real shock that to find the leaders…