More Than a Game: Newspaper layout

Coming onto one of the more technical elements of the project, the newspaper layout. As part of the assessment, we are tasked with producing our written article in a layout similar to that of our target publication. Using the design software Adobe InDesign and examples from The Guardian sports pages, this makes up a key part of the project. This slightly shorter chapter of More Than a Game will look into this task

Within industry the journalist would have a limited say in the finalised layout that their article takes in the written paper. For the MMP however this is not the case. We are the sole voice in how the article is laid out.

Some might see this as a laborious and tedious task and do not find using the Adobe InDesign software all that simple. I fortunately do quite enjoy doing the layouts for assignments like this and from experience have improved my use of InDesign.


Having already written the article the process of doing the layout follows the same key steps whether working on a newspaper, magazine or interactive design. After setting up the page dimensions of the page and columns which are drawn directly from the target publication, inserting the body of text gives you a sound starting place.

Setting up styles on InDesign allows you to easily standardise the text for the whole document without having to go text frame by text frame and get all the font settings the same. Having found a font similar to the style of the Guardian and installing this onto my laptop, the layout is soon taking shape.

After making any adjustments to the text due to orphans and widows at the start and end of columns respectively the professionalism of the layout improves immensely. After titling in and adding stand firsts to the layout, attention turns to images.

Photo framing

The main image for my layout involved me taking several of my own photos and using a photo I had received from a club with their permission to use. A neat piece of editing on Adobe Photoshop delivered the required look and this was then transferred into the heart of the layout.

Additional images were added throughout the articles to provide some more visually impactful content to the design. All were either sourced with permission from the owner or taken from copyright free sources often through creative commons.

Housing a style

The last task was to add the small style elements of The Guardian. This included page numbering and dates as well as including a subject summary “Football Exclusive” along the top of the page.

Working on layouts requires a trained eye to spot anything untoward and also a patience to go through everything several times to ensure it is correct. After completing the initial version of the layout their will no doubt be some minor tweaks to it as the deadline draws nearer but so far I’m pleased with what I have been able to achieve.


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