More Than a Game: Online content

In one of the final instalments of More Than a Game, we look into the added value content that makes this whole-heartedly a multimedia project. The assignment requires one added value element, but as this post will identify the Beautiful Science has taken a three pronged approach.

When it comes to generating online content, the wealth of internet resources really is at your fingertips. Being completely honest you are highly unlikely to ever exhaust all of the possible options suitable for the project, but with time and resources both capped the completed online content for the Beautiful Science offers something for everyone.

Travelling through time

As the core of project focuses on the future innovation and path that sports science is going to go down within professional football, a timeline seemed an apt feature for the online content. Plotting the landmarks through history that have carried the evolution of the game forward gives an insightful and in-depth account for fans of football. The Timeline JS software used was quite straightforward and allowed the inclusion of images, video and audio. I exploited all three of these to produce a dynamic timeline that is not simple writing and dates.

Voicing your opinion

A point that has been raised on several occasions throughout the project is the importance that fans have within the game, even today with all the wealth of foreign owners and outrageous TV rights deals. Additionally based on the feedback from my pitch, it was important that I captivated the view of the fans. I set about doing this by creating a survey and sharing it on social media. Upon completion I took some of the key findings of the survey and plotted them onto a graphic I produced on ThingLink. By using this software, I was able to present the results in a more engaging way rather than just writing a summary of the survey.

First hand experience

The last and most ambitious of the online elements was to produce an interactive gaming experience that gave the audience the opportunity to taste some of the decisions that a professional footballer has to make on a weekly basis. Using the software Klynt, the finished game is far better than I could have ever imagined and is arguably the part of the project that I take the most pride in. With over 450 different sequence slides and not quite as many hours slaving in front of a computer screen the captivating game nails down exactly what online content should give to a project. It involves engagement from the reader and improves their understanding of the topic.


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