More Than a Game: The final whistle

The final edition of More Than a Game comes as the project draws to its conclusion. In this short post we will sum up everything that has gone into the Beautiful Science.

As I began this project what seems like four long months ago I had a skeleton for an idea and a motivation to make it a success. Nearly 30 blog posts later, a main written article, two side panel articles, a creative photo-shoot, 10 phone interviews, six email transcripts, three in-person interviews to camera and a barrage of email conversations has culminated in the submission of my multimedia project.

Looking back at the process there are a few things I would have done differently and wish I had the opportunity to do again, but overall I am thrilled with the way that the project as gone.

At this time I would like to thank everyone who gave their time to talk to me for my project. Without your willingness I would have never been able to produce this project to the high standards that I believe I have met.

As I hand this collection of journalism in, whilst it may be the end of my assessed project, I have found a real passion for the reporting of sports science. The practitioners within the game are honest and open about their trade and offer a side of the game that I believe many people do not really know about. Moreover, one thing I have heard time and time again from experts is that sports science and technology do not stand still. There is always the next story to tell. As the curtain falls on this section of the Beautiful Science, I am very excited to launch act two in the coming months.



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